hello world!

Victoria Peng
1 min readJan 29, 2022

I’m 19 but sometimes
I return back to my inner child —
I’m reminded that
The past can be a guide
To help me move forward

I seek to be a human being
in the midst of all the doing

I find courage
Peace in the unknown
Because welcoming uncertainty
Empowers me to embrace change

As Frost writes
A wide road ahead
Coming of age
A new chapter, titled
“embrace uncertainty”

They say,
“Work with the end in mind”
But is there an end?
Or am I constantly a work in progress?

They say,
“Find a stable job”
But what defines “stability”?

My goal is sure:
To challenge the hidden assumptions
In my head
Internalized stories from those around me

Weaving my past stories, like a thread through a needle
They come together like a masterpiece

Am I willing to take the leap
Am I willing to change the course of my life?
Yes, because —
This is what I was born to do

24 hours in a day
We face an infinite number of opportunities
If we choose to make the most of it
With our north star in mind

I’m 19 but
Those 19 years are teaching me that
Change is beautiful
Life is unexpected —
And that’s precisely what invokes awe

Each breath
A precious reminder
That we are human beings